Berger Demand Generation System (Leadgen) - User Help
Purpose:  Login to system
 The URL for the application is
 On clicking the hyperlink, the respective document is displayed as below:
 Please enter your user id. and password. The first login password is 9999 or 8888. When you login for the first time the system will ask you to change the password if the current password is 9999.

 When the user logs in for the first time with password as 9999, the system will display the screen as shown below. type 9999 in old password field and type your new password in both new password and confirm password field. The system will change the password to the new password and ask you to login with your user id & new password.


On successful login, the home page will be displayed as shown below. The different portions of the home page is explained as marked in the diagram with numbers.


 1. The system displays the flash news broadcasted from the Head office or the administrator. After login the users is expected to first read the flash news.

 2. Active list of schemes for the depot is displayed. Active list means schemes for which redemption is not completed at All India level. This will be monitored from Head Office. If you want to look at the scheme details you can click on the hyper link and the scheme master details will be displayed to you from where the depot can look at the redemption eligibility, dealer wise fulfillment details will also be    available. The scheme related documents will also be available for you to view or save as required. This will be very useful for the depot administrator to complete the gift distribution process.  No longer  the depot need to wait for the email from HO when new schemes are launched every month.

3. Quick links: These are menu items which are regularly used in the operation. You can click the required function and directly go to the screen instead of using the menu item listed marked as number 5.

4. Action Required: This is a workflow provided to know what actions are to be completed that are assigned to you. For example if HO raises an actionable item on the depot eg. To get a quotation locally to procure some gift items the same will appear as pending issues when you login. You can click on this hyperlink and go to the issue screen and look at the raised issues. The depot can also raise issues so that alll issues related to gift redemption can be from one single truth in the organization and through one application system instead of interacting by emails / telecons etc.

5. The menu items will be displayed based on the privileges assigned to each user as what operations can be performed by the respective users. Select the required operation and complete the necessary work.

Each activity of different units --- HO operations / Depot Operations /  Third Party Operations will be available in the help menu.  Click on on the top right screen to go to the help index page.